How It Works

The Rewind clinical program combines proven science with expert clinical care, coaching and team support. The structured 3-phase program helps you lose weight, keep it off and ultimately defeat chronic diseases like T2 diabetes. We provide the tools, structure and guidance you need to achieve success. No judgment. No fad diets. No short-term hacks or gimmicks.

3-phase Clinical Protocol
1:1 Virtual Care
Tools & Team

The Breakdown


It starts with a 12-week RESET:
rapid-weight loss to improve metabolic function

This intensive phase helps you achieve 15% or greater weight loss, rapidly and safely. Most Rewind members put their chronic disease in remission and eliminate or reduce medications during this 12-week phase. Structured coaching and tools keep it simple, from meal-replacement shakes and soups, to weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, workshops and continuous messaging with your Dietitian Coach. Clinical monitoring and 1:1 virtual visits with our Doctors provide the best clinical care possible.


Transition starts the shift toward keeping the weight off

During this phase you start to develop your plan and system to keep the weight off. Our Coaches and Physicians work with you step by step, combined with supportive tools, curriculum and team-based workshops and experiences. No gimmicks, silver bullets or dogmatic diets. Our team and program helps you take on every challenge you face, from your biology, to your psychology, to the environment you navigate each day.



Rewind is all about the long-term. Going off insulin or putting diabetes in remission in 12 weeks feels incredible. Reaching the 1-Year Strong Medal, and then 2, 3, and 4 is even more of an achievement. Which is how we’ve built our team and program — to help you keep the weight off for good. Your Dietitian Coach continues to work with you every step of the way to sustain your progress and build a system that works for you. Clinical monitoring and regular Physician provide the best care. And our Mentors, team workshops, even legendary Ambassadors like Desmond Howard, are encouraging and supporting you.

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