Our members defeat Type 2 diabetes, every day.

Rewind is a proven clinical program that targets the fundamentals of metabolic disease: biology and lifestyle.

74 %

of members achieve T2 remission

15 %

avg. body weight lost by members

Our members defeat T2 every day.

Rewind is proven clinical program that targets the root causes of metabolic disease: biology & lifestyle.

75 %

of members achieve T2 remission

15 %

avg. body weight lost by members

the overview

A clinical & behavioral program tackling T2 at its core.

Proven Clinical Protocol

Backed by 10+ years of clinical development and research, proven to improve metabolic function and put chronic disease in remission.

Rewind combines medical nutrition therapy (MNT) with a robust support system of clinicians, community & actually useful tools.

Expert Clinical Care

In Rewind, you meet with experts in weight management and chronic disease care, not just coaching goal-setters.

Our Physicians and Dietitians provide you continuous, 1:1 virtual visits where they help you work through your individual challenges, and keep you on track.

Tools & Resources

The Rewind app includes curriculum and content to guide you with 'just-in-time' pacing throughout the program. The features teach, inspire, and keep you connected to your goals - using chat, lessons, challenges, videos, progress trackers, and exclusive content from sports legends like Desmond Howard and Dawn Staley.

Real Community

We know that reversing diabetes is tough, but team support really makes a difference.

Our idea of community goes beyond group chats and forums. From in-person rallies and community suppers, to virtual hangouts and workshops - no one goes it alone.

How It Works

Rewind is a 2+ year clinical and behavioral program that helps folks put Type 2 diabetes into remission. Delivered virtually, members work closely with a medical doctor, a registered dietitian, and a team of peers over the entire program.


The Reset Phase

What To Expect

In the first three months, called the RESET phase, you’ll meet with a member of your coaching team every month to check on your progress and review short-term goals. During this time we utilize a low calorie diet that promotes rapid weight loss (up to 15% in 90 days). We simplify the process using nutritionally complete meal replacements which simplify meal planning/options, and allow you to see your motivations and environment more clearly. And importantly, you won't be in this phase for too long!

You’ll also tackle 1-2 lessons per week that will help you understand and make the changes that will set the groundwork for your metabolic reset.

Your Biology

Metabolically, the body begins to heal; critical biomarkers such as glucose and HbA1C stabilize to normal or near-normal levels. Most Rewind members put their T2 (or pre-diabetes) into remission and eliminate or reduce medications during this 12-week phase.


The Transition Phase

What To Expect

After achieving 15% weight loss, you’ll move into the Transition phase for the next month or two (depending on your weight loss progress and goals), where we slowly dial back meal replacements and reintroduce regular food.

Over the course of 4-8 weeks you can expect gradual, managed incorporation of foods (initially as food groups!), working closely with your dietitian coach on your specific caloric limits, choices/preferences, any questions, and progress tracking. 

During this phase you start to develop your plan and system to keep the weight off. Our Coaches and Physicians work with you step by step, combined with supportive tools, curriculum and team-based workshops and experiences.

While food is being introduced, members also work on activity and stress management plans to help them stabilize their eating, and manage all food-related habits.

Support from your clinical team and peer team (though the Rewind app and events) can be a great source of tips/ideas during Transition, and also help ‘normalize’ the experiences and feelings around reintroducing food.

Your Biology

Many members continue to lose some weight during the transition phase, though more slowly due to the introduction of additional calories through food.

HbA1C is tested for all members during this phase to capture the trailing 90 day difference in your metabolism; essentially to quantify the healing. Between medication reductions or overall disease remission, the transition phase begins the process of stabilizing.


The Sustain Phase

What to Expect

After you’ve fully transitioned back to regular food, you move into the weight loss maintenance phase, the longest and most important phase of the program. We know losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is a whole other battle. We believe in science over willpower, finding the right systems and tools to continue the behaviors necessary for sustained success.

Rewind is all about the long-term. Going off insulin or putting diabetes in remission in 12 weeks feels incredible. Reaching the 1-Year Strong Medal, and then 2 year, 3 year, and 4 year markers is even more of an achievement. This is how we’ve built our team and program — to help you keep the weight off for good.

Your Dietitian Coach continues to work with you every step of the way to sustain your progress and build a system that works for you. Clinical monitoring and regular Physician access provide the best care.

And our Mentors, team workshops, even legendary Ambassadors like Desmond Howard, are encouraging and supporting you.

Your Biology

New weight set points are established by the body in this phase. Each member’s body develops new regulatory mechanisms around activity, sleep, and nutrition/calorie intake; the clinical team will provide guidance and support for each member as they figure out what works for them personally.

Ready to Get Started?

Rewind is currently available for adults with diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes in Michigan & South Carolina1.

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In South Carolina, we are accepting applications for adults aged 30-65 at this time.

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